How Many Licks

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Amara Romani needed to satisfy her appetite for sex, so she hooked up with a swinger couple to get the best of both worlds. While she was arranging a night with them, her stepmom Silvia Saige overheard her naughty conversation. Silvia eventually heard enough and confronted her stepdaughter. Amara was surprised and nervously begged Silvia not to tell her dad, she agreed not to utter a word. Amara confessed that she wanted to fuck all of the time, and then she sensually kissed her stepmom. Silvia knew that she shouldn’t fuck her stepdaughter and that they might get caught, but that only excited her. She threw caution to the wind and tongue-fucked Amara’s pretty pussy and tight little asshole!

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Lemme Lick It

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Jenna Jay (a.k.a. Stacey Levine) and Amara Romani had a nice jog in the morning and looked amazing in their skin tight shorts. They were so tight, they had the perfect outline of their pussies. Feeling a little overheated, these babes decided to head back for some much needed air conditioning. Once they were behind closed doors, the slap ass happy fun that happened outside could get a bit more serious. Amara cooled off her girl with some water, which got her nipples really hard and excited. She couldn’t help herself, so she started to suck on them. The morning workout just extended into the afternoon as these two lovers went the extra mile. Those sexy shorts got peeled off, for their tongues needed a work out as well. They made sure they did a final stretch as they spread each other’s legs and did some back bends. The most important part of a workout is the stress relief and satisfaction. Jenna and Amara just had the sexiest routine ever!

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